Negotiate & Manage Contracts in a Single Environment to Reduce Organizational Risk

BravoAdvantage™ Contract Lifecycle Management gives unparalleled insight into the contracts you hold with suppliers. By providing visibility across your entire organization, the solution improves the tracking, negotiation and management of every contract to ensure compliance at all stages of the supply relationship, reducing supply chain risk.

BravoAdvantage Contract Lifecycle Management delivers an integrated solution to manage your contractual relationships. Key features include:

  • Automated Management: Facilitates management of key contractual information with automatic alerting for important milestones and dates
  • Secure Document Repository: Guarantees important contractual documents are stored in a secure, central location for easy retrieval and reference
  • Contract Negotiation: Enables you to manage every contract negotiation in an online audited environment, including track changes and clause amendments with full version and approval control
  • End to End Integration: Seamlessly links with other BravoAdvantage solutions for a truly integrated experience

The solution enables you to gain timely insights into contract obligations, exposures, expirations, changes, and renewals to deliver greater control over your contracts, reduce costly oversights and expose potential risks. Whether you need a simple, searchable contract repository or a full clause negotiation process, BravoAdvantage Contract Lifecycle Management is scalable to fit a wide range of your needs.

And as with all BravoAdvantage solutions, BravoAdvantage Contract Lifecycle Management is enriched by a robust set of integration web services capable of moving data between your external systems, including industry leading ERP and P2P platforms.

Increasing contractual complexity and audit scrutiny for contracts is a given. Let Tejari help you take control of your contract lifecycle management processes. Learn more here.

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